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1. What do you think of the story so far?

V: The story so far is very interesting-I am very curious to find out more.

P: It is a very nice story and I would love to read more. The story is very interesting and it also has good vocabulary.

M: I'm stuck to the book I just can’t stop reading it.

E: The book was interesting and I would like to read more

F: I think the story is good so far and there has been a good hook. I want to read more because this is an african story

C: It is filled with suspense, mystery and science. I would like to read more of the book. I personally feel that people must read this book.

A: I think it has a good hook because when I was reading I kept on sinking into the story especially the first two chapters and I want to read the continuation of the first two chapters. I think everything worked fine.

D: I am excited about reading the rest of the story

Z: I am excited because it interesting and it is fun to read

S: I like the way it is all described because it kind of felt like i could feel i was there. It's also a good choice for setting the book it seemed like it was in a forest and they lived in a cabin in the forest.

A: It is very different from the book I’ve read, as I haven’t read many books like this but this book is very enhancing and overall I would love to continue it.

Z: The story is interesting i like the way it gives the us everyone's point of view in the story

B: the story starts very deeply inside and then it slowly gets even more interesting because of all the conspiracy plots.

F: First of all I would like to say how I really like the book, the story is interesting. The beginning was very hooking making me wonder who Molly is and what is happening. The beginning definitely got me wanting to read more. The way the author also incorporated some kiswahili made the book more lively.

N: The two stories are linked together and when the characters are  curious enough to investigate they get into another trouble. Which makes us writers want  to find out how to they will get out of the trouble and how they will solve the mystery.

2. What are your first impressions of the characters?

V: The characters are caring - especially the big sisters, my favourite character is Samti.

E: Mama leo is my favourite character because she stands as the mama wolf protecting her cubs

P: My first impressions were that the characters were nice my favorite is Samti because she is the main character

M: I really liked the aunt because she knows her father and is funny but serious at the same time. I like all of them.

E: My favorite is Edward and I like him because he seems like a good person and the person that I don’t like is the one who was mean to Edward

F: What I like about the characters that have been introduced is that I can tell that this story is an african story and the names of the characters are african names and my favourite characters are auntie Jacki and Meera

D: I don't like moly that much because in chapter 3 i think it says “Hey!” Molly shook her brother by the shoulder “Hey ugly. It’s time. Wake up but i like the impression of how moly wakes up her brother.

C: Edward because he has a curious personality. In most of his appearances in the story the scenes are filled with mystery and drama and part.

A: My favourite character is Babu because I find him funny.

S: I like the way they talk to each other like how real siblings would sometimes . My favorite is Molly because she shows this different type of attitude from any other book i've read. I don't have any I don't like.

A: The characters are very realistic and my favourite character is Molly because she is protective of her brother also independent which I admire

Z: My first impression of Samti was that she was a hard headed female with a lot of courage she kinda reminds me of Astrid  from how to train your dragon which is why I  like her

F: My favourite  character is Edward because I really like his character, he is very interesting, and I really want to know more about him. This character really brings some more excitement to the book.

N: The writer shows how curious and keen teenagers can be and that can lead to finding something great. Antie Meera, Mama Leo, Antie Jackie. This characters are my personal favorite because they are loving ,sweet and caring.

3. To make this story even better, I would change …

P: Nothing, because the story is really nice and i like everything and mostly i like how he used african people and european people to make the story

C: Nothing! It's perfect.

A: What about if you like the story as it is ??

R: The story is so good and interesting I can’t even think of anything that I would change.

M: I love ❤ this book I'm sure others will too.

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